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To manage, coordinate and facilitate the transport safety and compliance in all modes with related legislation, regulations and policies through pro-active and reactive tactics and strategies (Transport Safety and Compliance).

  • To promote and improve safety in the public transport systems,
  • Enforce compliance in line with the public transport legislation,
  • Coordinate provincial safety and compliance initiatives
  • Develop and implement safety projects and practices in line with the Strategic Plan, Annual Performance Plan and Operational Plans of the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison.
  • To promote empowerment in the transport industry by means of training.
  • To promote awareness in the transport industry.
  • Provide training for the transport industry role players.
  • Hold meetings with taxi industry role players to explain government policies and legislations.
  • Manage the operations of the transport inspectorate.
  • Compile quarterly and annual reports.
  • Facilitate discussions with SANTACO regarding financial empowerment.
  • Promote empowerment by means of training for women in the transport industry.


  1. Coordinate awareness programmes/sessions for the public transport industry
  2. Coordinate empowerment programmes for the public transport industry;
  3. Promotion and improvement of Safety on learner transport vehicles by conducting roadworthiness 
  4. Operations throughout the province


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